Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to oversee and protect human rights, defending public interests of our advocates in their highest professional performance and relentless fight for valid legal services.


  • Present the public interests of our advocates and protecting their social and professional interests,
  • Oversee the legal practices of our  advocates, uniting and organizing trainings, workshops on improving their professional expertise,
  • Supervise advocates on ethics and disciplines,
  • Assist advocates, law firms and legal council narionwide advocacy methodology,
  • Collaborate with national and international advocacy and juridical organizations.


Main activities of the Association:

  • Protect of rights our members and represent their public interests,
  • Manage advocacy in Mongolia, and provide professional management,
  • Support our members in social issues by improving work conditions,
  • Develop professional skills of our members by organizing trainings and seminars,
  • Provide information to members regarding the profession,
  • Enhance the reputation of advocates in society,
  • Establish and develop collaboration with other foreign advocacy associations