Brief history

Advocate’s right was initially accepted as “representative litigator” in article 66 of Law on “Procedure for legal cases” approved by the State Representative Baga Khural session in 1927.
Resolution no # 70 of the State Representative Baga Khural from May 25, 1928 and Government Resolution no # 15 the Solicitor’s organization established “Assistance collegiate for people on legal procedures” and thereby approved its regulation within 5 articles and 28 clauses.
Solicitor’s collegiate was founded under the Ministry of Judicial Affairs by resolution #5 dated from January 14, 1944 and further its legal regulation was enacted. Thereby its legal right has been privileged.
Resolution # 253  of the Minister’s Council of Mongolian People’s Republic July 22, 1952 allocated Solicitor’s Collegiate in Ulaanbaatar City with its branches and gave legal grounds to provide legal advices to the citizens of  provinces and its units.
In 1978 Mongolian Solicitor’s Colleagues regulations with Solicitor’s fundamental obligations and its appointment as a public organization was approved by Resolution # 256 of People’s Great Khural’s Representatives session of Mongolian People’s Republic.
Later Law on Advocate organization of Mongolian People’s Republic was approved by Resolution # 127 of the People’s Great Khural’s Representatives session of Mongolian People’s Republic in June 23, 1986, regulating Solicitor’s activity directions and amended a lot of organizing structural changes.
In December 9, the State Great Khural’s Assembly approved new updated Law on Advocacy aligning it with the Constitution of Mongolia and restructured  there by Advocacy organization and its activities, in the new course of free market and economical reforms.
In June 28, 2002 State Great Khural’s Assembly re-approved the new updated compositional Advocate Law and has been enacted until today. This law regulation on advocacy is required to be enhanced and guaranteed and also coordinated its organizational activities are must be needed with wide range, guaranteed and also coordinated its organizational structure.

Since 2010 City Board of Advocates had been divided into 10 committees operationally, in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of Association of Mongolian Advocates.